Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nokia Launches Health Information Services


Life Tools Nokia launched new services in the form of information relating to health, after success in agricultural services, education and entertainment.

Market Product Manager Nokia Indonesia Irwan Hermawan, in Medan, on Thursday (12 / 5), say, Nokia Life Tools successfully penetrate two million customers in Indonesia since its launch in mid-year 2009, which contains educational services, agriculture and entertainment.

This is done as a commitment to encourage the use of communication technologies to all lapasan community, including users of Nokia in North Sumatra through a holistic approach, bringing the right combination of tools and services that are relevant to local needs.

Departing from the success of agricultural services, education and entertainment that have first presented the Nokia Life Tools, Nokia has developed a health information service that delivers kemudhan for the people of Indonesia who access health information.

Health services from Nokia Life Tools provide health tips from pregnancy according usaia information about pregnancy, information about children who can be personalized according to age.

Information about health and sports for men and women, to general information about heart health, respiratory, digestive and diabetes.

"Working with the Parents Guide, Faculty of Medicine, University of Gadjah Mada and Gamatechno, through Nokia Life Tools healthcare, is clear evidence of Nokia leadership in empowering communities, especially in outer urban areas," he said.

Business Product Manager of Nokia Life Tools, Hugo Yusniantama, said today the world's total mobile phone users has reached 3.7 billion people, but 1.2 billion from the number of users will not have a web browser on his cell phone.

"Access is still limited owned telephone and SMS. Imagine how many people outside of North Sumatra, especially in urban areas with limited access to facilities and health information, to enhance their awareness and knowledge about health as it certainly can bring better changes to their lives , "he said. [NTA]