Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Design of X-treme bathroom for an "enthusiast" technology

If you are a "geek" or lovers of technology, then you also would like the design of the bathroom was made ​​by Ideal Standard.

This bathroom will make you do not have to stop for messing-ngatik your gadgets during bathing or CHAPTER

This design has all the gadgets needed to load current ranging from 2 pieces of large size flat TV can be viewed while soaking in the bathtub, which can make your laptop is always connected to the internet, listening to music to lighting that makes you relaxed and much more.

Anyway, bathroom design this one fits very least, unless the price is probably not suitable.

wedeww .., klo gini Kea have bathrooms, luggage pengen liat neh JAV mulu
but instead is designed for mending ga pa bathroom makes your home theater in the family room where the ato ga 'ga in the room of origin