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How to calculate the house construction cost budget

How to calculate the house construction cost budget PART 1
Spoiler for home:

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There are several kinds of work items in housing construction, among others:
I. Early Works
1. Measurement
2. Bowplank
II. Work Galian and Urugan
1. Entrenchment
2. Urugan
3. Mengurug back
III. Foundation Work
1. Floor work
2. Couple foundation
IV. Concrete Works
1. Sloof
2. Column
3. Ring balk
V. Work Walls
1. Pair of Bata.
2. Plastering
3. Acian
4. Sponengan
5. Water Rope
VI. Works Frame and Door, Window
1. Making door frame window
2. Making leaf door
3. Making shutters
4. Install Door Frame
5. Replace Window Frame
6. Replace Door
7. Replace Window Leaves
VII.Pekerjaan Roof Frame
1. Making Horses
2. Making gording
3. Making Jurai
4. Making the beam peak
5. Put the horses
6. Put gording
7. Beams Install Nok
8. Put Jurai
9. Replace the board suspended animation
10. Put usuk
11. Put aluminum poil
12. Put Reng
13. Install Tile
14. Install Gutters
15. Attach a list plank
Hanger and lock VIII.Pekerjaan
1. Ceiling Frame
2. Install Ceiling
3. Key pairs planting
4. Put Grendel
5. Install Wind Rights
6. Replace glass
7. Install ceiling List
IX. Floors and Ceramic Works
1. Concrete Floors (1:3:6)
2. Install Ceramic floor size 30/30
3. Install Ceramic floor WC size 20/20
4. Install Ceramic wall
X. Sanitation Work
1. Replace water lines PVC ¾ "
2. Install sewer PVC 4 "
3. Install Closet
4. Install a water bath
5. Replace Air Karan
6. Making Septick Tank (beerput)
7. Infiltration wells
XI. Work phinising
1. Paint Walls
2. Ceiling Cat
3. Cat Frame
4. Cat Doors / windows
XII. Electrical installation work
1. Spot lights
2. Outlet point
3. Point switch
End XIII.Pekerjaan
1. Final Cleaning

How to calculate the volume of the work:
I. Early Works
1. Measurement
The definition of measurement is before starting the work, to determine the position of building measurement limits, measurement volume is calculated dg lumpsum unit, eg, estimated to be done 2 days with 2 builders, so the following calculations, the wages of 50,000 workers, it costs 50 000 x 2 x 2 = USD. 200,000.

Spoiler for bowplank:

2. Bowplank
Used to help determine the As or the location of point of building, by making a fence using boards 2 / 15 nailed to the timber size of 5 / 7 as a pillar, made with a distance of 1 meter from the building as installed around the building.
Eg house size 6 x 7, then the volume bowplank is (6 +1 +1) + (7 +1 +1) = 17 m.
Prices and material needs can be seen on the job analysis.

II. Work Galian and urugan
1. Entrenchment
Is the work associated with the manufacture of digging the foundations, deep and wide foundation is determined by the type of foundation. For example under the foundation of width 70 cm, the width of the excavation was 70 cm plus 10 cm left-right 10 cm to 70 + 20 = 90 cm, while the depth of excavation is also determined by the soil condition is good, but if the normal soil conditions are generally 70 cm depth of excavation, then the volume of excavation is 0.9 mx 0.7 mx = unit length of foundation m3, while to determine how many workers or wage can be seen analyzing excavation work.
2. Urugan
Mengurug floor is the work of building, building area multiplied by the calculated volume of high urugan units m3, urugan material needs and the number of personnel or wages can be seen on the job analysis.
3. Mengurug back
Is mengurug former foundation excavation, the volume is calculated typically 1 / 3 of the volume of excavation, sample volume of 60 m3 excavation then urugan return is 60 m3 / 3 = 20 m3.

III. Foundation Work
1. Floor Work
Is an item of work, which are located under the foundation (see foundation House), floor work can be urugan sand 10 cm thick, the couple blank stone, or concrete with thick 1:3:5 mix 5 to 10 cm. how the calculation is the area multiplied by thickness with units m3, need for materials and wages see job analysis.
2. Pair Foundation
The foundation that we mean here is the foundation stone (Stal) for house building floor 1, I calculate the volume of long-count all the foundations and then multiplied by a high foundation, and multiplied (top + width bottom width divided by 2), units of m3.
Example: the whole foundation 50 meters long, 0.7 meters tall foundation, the width of the foundation under the foundation of 0.3 meters 0.7 meters wide, then its volume is 50 x 0.7 x ((0.3 +0.7) / 2) = 17 , 5 m3

IV. Concrete Works
1. Sloof
What is meant by Sloof is located above the building structure foundation to more clearly see Sloof home 1st and 2nd floor.
How to calculate the volume as follows: for concrete volume Sloof total length x width x height = unit m3.
To calculate the amount of iron concrete, first look for is the number begel, by means of distance divided by the total length Sloof begel begel plus 1 = number, length multiplied by the number begel begel = total length of the roll bar is needed.
For example Sloof 15/20, begel d 8-15, total length of 25 meters, the number begel = (25/0.15) +1 = 167.6 bh bh = 168, while the length of one begel = ((15 -5) x 2) + ((20-5) x 2) = 50 cm, the total iron concrete to begel is 0.5 x 168 = 84 meters, single steel rod standard length is 12 m, 84/12 = 7 bar. To calculate the principal reinforcement steel that is reinforced by the principal amount multiplied by the total length.
As for the calculation of the RAB roll bar is not counted, which is displayed is the volume of concrete.
2. Column
How to calculate the volume is set or calculate the number of columns and then multiplied by the height field, earning a total column length x width x height = volume of unit column m3.
3. Ring balk.
How to calculate the volume of the same calculation and column sloof

V. Work Walls
1. Pair of Bata.
Masonry wall there are 2 ways to calculate that is by area and by way of calculation content, to calculate the contents are rarely used, but if an when required by the calculation of the content, the way is wide x thick, to thick depending on the type of masonry, the pair a brick or half brick, to the size of a brick is 30 cm while the size of half a brick of 15 cm.
How to calculate the area of ​​masonry are as follows, first calculate the circumference of the wall, multiply by high walls, and minus the area of ​​shutters, doors, Boven, units m2.
2. Plastering
Volume stucco is 2 x the volume of masonry.
3. Acian
Same with how to calculate the volume of plaster but reduced, areas not in aci like wall tiles, etc..
4. Sponengan or rope water
Sponengan or rope of water is the boundary between the frame and stucco, if the frame width is less than the width of the wall (15 cm) then the boundary between the frame and stucco called sponengan, while the frame when the width equal to width of the boundary wall between the jamb and plaster called a rope of water.

VI. Works Frame and Door, Window
1. Frame Making
How to frame the RAB calculations have 2 tiger that is with the unit so, or m3, for units of length m3 is counting all of the material for the frame and then multiplied by the thickness and width of the timber, m3 units.
Supplies of materials and wages can be seen on the job analysis.
2. The door leaf.
Leaves the door there are several kinds, eg, double-leaf door panels or plywood, in the calculation of volume for the RAB usually counted perunit.
3. Replace Doors and Window Frame
Volume installation of all kinds, including handling the long way around the jamb, perlubang, or perunit.
4. Replace Door and Window
Volume was calculated perunit installation, outside plant installation key, the right wind, the slot.

VII. Roof Frame Work.
1. Making Horse-Horse
Volume was calculated with units m 3, which is multiplied by the total length of the material dimension of wood used.
For example, the total length of material used for horses is 25 meters of wood used 8 / 12 then the volume is 25 x 0:08 x 0:12 = 0.24 m3.untuk prices can be seen the analysis work.

2. Making gording.
What is meant by making gording is making the connection between gording, the unit is the m3, I find the same volume by finding the volume on the calculation of the horses.
3. Making Jurai.
Same with making gording,
4. Making Beams Nok.
Same with making gording, and Jurai. For the third dimension of the work item timber is usually the same just the location of any distinguishing name work items.
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Spoiler for home:

5. Pairs of horses.
The meaning of pairs of horses are usually called erextion horses, was the installation of the horses in the location where the horses. Does not require additional material because the horses placed once created. Cost is usually taken 50% of the cost of making the horses. Likewise for installation jurai, gording, beam peak. Unit volume is m3.
6. Replace Board Suri.
What is meant by a board suspended animation is, board located on the rooftop bar, which serves to hold the guard room, the size in use is usually 2 / 20 can also be smaller or larger as needed in the field. Unit volume is m '.
7. Put usuk.
Usuk typically uses timber size 4 / 6 or 5 / 7, which is often used is the timber size of 5 / 7, to using asbestos roof or zinc which do not use usuk, simply by gording. Usuk calculation is spacious with units m2. matererial needs analysis and see wage jobs.
8. Install Aluminum poil.
Installation of aluminum poil intended to reduce the heat and prevent tampias the event of rain accompanied by wind, the material used is not absolute poil aluminum, can be replaced with carpet or zinc plate. location is between usuk poil aluminum and batten. The unit is m2.
9. Put Reng.
Batten size used there are two kinds of two thirds or three quarters, depending on type of tile is used, for concrete roof tiles usually use ¾ size, the calculation is the same lath usuk calculate the area with units m2. (Wide batten the size of usuk) .
10. Install Tile
There are several types of tile, but the public is concrete tile and ceramic tile. Calculation of volume is the area with units m2. usually equal to or usuk wide batten.
11. Install gutters
Gutters there are several types of materials used, zinc gutters, PVC gutters, concrete gutters, for each type of material volume calculation method is different, for gutters made of zinc its volume is the area with units m2, gutters made of PVC volume is the length with units m ', while for concrete gutters can be calculated with m3 or m2.
12. List plank
List plank there are several types of materials used, the materials of wood, concrete, pvc, fiber, etc., but currently lists plank that is often used is made of wood and concrete, there are volume calculation using m ', m2, m3. volume calculation is not binding.
VIII. Hanger job and lock.
1. Ceiling Frame
Framework of the ceiling there are several types of materials used, namely wood frame 4 / 6, iron frame (miscellaneous). To calculate the volume of timber that is usually calculated using broad, while for iron calculated by weight (kg).
2. Install Ceiling
Ceiling a variety of types of materials used, such as, wood, plasterboard, asbestos plate, plywood, gibsum etc., for the calculation of volume is the area with units m2.
3. Key pairs planting, latch, right wind.
Calculation using the unit, or fruit.
4. Install Glass.
Installation of glass that is by the calculation unit area m2.
5. List plafond
What is meant by ceiling list is a list that is the edge of a meeting between the ceiling with the wall, installation destination list, so it looks neat. Unit volume is m '
IX. Work and ceramic floors.
1. 1:3:5 Concrete Floor
What is meant by the concrete floor, usually called the floor, or stucco floors, thick concrete floors for houses ranging from 5 cm to 10 cm. before plastered floor should be 10 cm thick sand urugan. To calculate the volume m3 concrete floor, but sometimes there is what makes m2.
2. Install ceramic main floor and wc.
Installation of ceramic floor tiles are widely used volume dg m2 unit.
3. Install Ceramic Wall.
Installation of ceramic wall is widely used volume dg m2 unit.
X. Sanitation Work
1. Install water line pvc ¾ ".
Volume calculation is the length of the unit m '.
2. Replace dirty Waterways pvc 4 "
Volume calculation is the length of the unit m '.
3. Install Closet, faucet
The calculation is a fruit or unit volume.
4. Making Septick tanks or beerput.
Septick tanks or beerput is a place to collect human waste, tanks and beerput septick difference is of the form mdan materials used but the same function.
Septick tank materials used are masonry, with a rectangular size, whereas if the material used beerput concrete buis diameter of 80 cm to 90 cm. are usually the calculation of unit volume (so directly).
5. Channel infiltration or infiltration wells.
Channel infiltration or infiltration wells is a building that serves as the infiltration of water from the waste tank septick. Volume calculation is a unit.
XI. Phinising job.
1. Wall paint job, ceilings, sills, doors and windows.
Calculation of its Volume are spacious with units m2.
XII. Instalasilistrik job.
Electrical installation work volume of work using a point, while the price in accordance with the provisions of PLN.
XIII. Pemebersihan End.
The meaning of the final cleanup work, was the work of the remaining excess material or impurities aikibat of jobs, like cleaning bathrooms, floors, sills from the dust, because the volume can not be calculated then using a LS or a lump sum unit.
Having calculated the volume of completed work items are created for the table as below: