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The best 20 programs that should have an architect / civil / planner

The best 20 programs that should have an architect / civil / planner
This blog contains a very useful utility for those of you because I use it for my PC architecture. Many programs because of the weight and dicut all compressed into a few sections, so you have to download all the parts and place them in a folder and do the unzip 1. I recommend downloading the ISO POWER JDownloader and to download the file and other facilities, respectively. Please leave a comment or question .......


Download Manager for Rapid Share

Here I give you a download manager program for the rapid * share the work at least for me, in a portable form, and therefore you should not attempt to install anything. simply add a link rapid * share into this program then download is done automatically.


Photo Editor comprehensive


A useful little program that contains an encyclopedia with native trees of various kinds, with all features and images, is very useful for your


Complete 3D volume model to add your material design in 3d max, ArchiCAD, etc.

ArchiCAD 13 español

Complete and easy to use tool to create 3D models for architecture, rendering is very good and can be equipped with Artlantis for rendering your final images.

Artlantis Studio
Complete program and very easy to use and produce incredible rendering on different images, good for 3d max, 3d autocad, ArchiCAD, sketch up, etc..


Tool-known tools for 2D design. Caution, do not forget to unzip the first mengdisable because you have antivirus autocad key generator which makes it raises an error, but is actually not a virus.

AUTODESK Impression 3

Modeling tool that allows images in the form of style or sketch

Autodesk Revit 2010 español

Program for 2D and 3D design is very attractive, with excellent rendering engine. available untukOS x32 and x64 installers.


Application called Cad Block is very useful to help you design simple and complex components.



To download all the programs I recommend using a download manager and the program is working very well, quick and easy to use. Just before each start to use, ignore the request of program updates and press PLAY to start the download.
MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007 enterprice español

Tool is very familiar with word processing, excel spreadsheets, power point, etc., but I get only speak Spanish and make decent work.

ArchiCAD Objects

ArchiCAD Objects blocks to quality to help make you a more complete rendering.

Objects and textures for Artlantis Studio

Objects and textures to enhance your rendering Artlantis Studio. Unpack Rar file and paste it into the directory where Artlantis Studio is installed and place it on the Media folder, by default is C: ProgramFilesArtlantisStudio2 Media


Programs that allow you to mount the image (arhive. Iso) as if the file is put on DVD in a compact your virtual disks.

SketchUp 6 PRO

A simple program to design and 3d rendering, including rendering using v-ray and google earth.

To download all the programs you want. Please click the source here
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