Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Gliding in China, sold out in 4 Hours

Apple iPad 2 Gliding in China, sold out in 4 Hours
Beijing | Sunday, 08/05/2011 16:47 pm | By: Yudi Rachman
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Apple iPad 2 just slid in China. Just as in the whole world, this tablet also attract many people and resulted in the purchase queue.

It is reported that Beijing's Apple Store runs out of stock of this gadget in just over four hours.

Interest in this second-generation Apple tablet reportedly started coming since 5 pm on Thursday, a day before launch.

Many who stay overnight to get the queue early. Yet Beijing's Apple Store staff have prepared this situation, learn from experience the launch of the iPhone 4 black and white.

Sales iPad 2 in Beijing proved to have the same case with the launch in the United States, namely the existence of middlemen.

Many people who buy iPad 2 and sell it back out with a higher price, either to pengantri behind or to the stores and online gadgets.

Actually enthusiasts iPad tablet 2 also can order this online from the Apple Store, but to get this tablet buyer must wait for a week until the goods are delivered. [ist]