Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Masjid Nabvi Wallpaper

 Masjid Nabvi WallpaperSome information About Islam

The Word "Islam"

The "root" of the word "Islam" in Arabic is SALAMA which is the origin of the words Peace & / or Submission, a submission to God and peace to all humanity. It is, thus, no wonder why the salutation in Islam is: "Al-Salamu Alaikum or Peace on You." 

In this regard, Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) ordered his fellow Muslims to salute others Muslims or non-Muslims with peace when he said: "Peace Before Speech"
It is a Rule in Islam that during war time, an enemy warrior who pronounces the word peace is totally immune. 

Justice & Fairness to Non-Muslims

In This regard, Muslims are governed by the rules that the relationship with non-Muslims should be based on justice, mutual respect, cooperation, and communication. The Quran is very explicit about the justice part of the relationship when Allah stated in Verse 60:08 "Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just."