Friday, June 17, 2011

Geek Chic

There really isn't anything geeky about these bespeckled beauties including Carrie Donovan above but there is definitely something about a pair of glasses that makes the wearer appear smarter.  I had a cab driver ask me today if I worked at Citibank. A random question to say the least but I chalk it up to my new glasses that apparently make me look really, really smart.  I had a lot of readers ask me where I got them after seeing them in my last post so I figured why not compile a few iconic images of those who wear glasses and a few that probably will be someday.  For the record, my new glasses are Ray Ban Wayfarer Square and they definitely make geek chic.

David Hockney

Iris Apfel

Liz Claiborne

Philip Johnson

Jay Z

Colin Firth as A Single Man

Swifty Lazar

Scarlett Johansson

Yves Saint Laurent

Jenna Lyons

Michael Caine

Joanna Hillman

Woody Allen

Fleur Cowles

Erin Fetherston by Vanessa Jackman

Grace Kelly

Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird

Emily Blunt

Grace Kelly

Demi Moore

Grace Kelly

Minnie Mortimer

Justin Beiber

Kanye West

Paul McCartney

Isabelle Adjani

Photo by Vanessa Jackman


Photo by Vanessa Jackman

Michael Caine

Photo by Vanessa Jackman

Elisa Sednaoui in Chanel


Charlotte Rampling

Madeline Weeks

Sophia Loren